Classfication of Hydraulic Jack
Classfication of Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic jacks
are divided into general and special categories.

General hydraulic jack lifting height is not suitable for a variety of lifting operations. It consists of
1. the oil chamber  2. pump  3. the reservoir chamber  4. Detroit   5. crank    6. oil valve

When the work as long as pull back and forth to shake, so constant pressure manual pump oil into the cylinder, due to the constant increase in the hydraulic cylinder, it forces the piston and the piston moves upward along with the above weights. Open the return valve, high pressure   oil will flow back into the oil storage tanks inside the cavity, so the weight will fall together with the piston.

Special hydraulic jacks are dedicated tensioning equipment, in the production of prestressed concrete members, tension is applied to the prestressing steel. Special hydraulic jacks are mostly double-acting. Commonly used feedthrough and cone anchor two.
Feedthrough jack suitable for tensioning tendons or wire bundles, which mainly consists of tensioning cylinders, cylinder top, top pressure piston and springs and other components. Its features are: stretching machine along with a through-bore axis, steel (or wire) from the tail of the tool after penetration anchor anchor.

Tension, open front nozzle, fuel from the nozzle to the oil chamber tensioning work, tension cylinder body moves backwards. Since the cylinder anchor cable jacks anchored to the layer portion of the tool, and therefore the cable jack stretched through the tool. Zhang pulled the cable length when needed, after the closure of glib, the former nozzle inlet pressure to the top of the cylinder, so that the top pressure cylinder piston moves stretched forward and stand up anchor plug, plug pressed into the anchor and anchor the circle, so that the cable anchor. Open the front glib glib and continue into the oil, then move forward tensioning cylinders, cylinder oil reflux. Finally, open the front nozzle, so that the fluid pressure cylinder reflux top, top pressure piston return spring action due to the reduction bit undone.