Operating method of Jack

Operating method of Jack

1, must checked each part is normal before use

2, should be used in strict compliance with the provisions of the main parameters, avoid ultra-overload, otherwise when lifting or lifting height exceeds the specified tonnage, tank top of a serious oil spill.

3, such as the lack of a manual pump of oil, to be added first to the pump should N33 # hydraulic oil to work for by fully filtered.

4, the electric pump electric pump, refer to instruction manual.

5, heavy focus to choose moderate, reasonable choice jack focal point, to pad the bottom level, taking into account the hard and soft ground conditions, whether you want to pad tough wood, place is stable, in order to avoid weight-bearing subsidence or tilt.

6, after the heavy lifting jack, should be timely and support the heavy support firmly prohibit the jack used as a support. For a long time, please choose to support heavy loads.

7, while simultaneously lifting jacks For a few, in addition to the correct jack placed outside, you should use multiple top diverter valve, and each jack load should be balanced to keep the lifting speed synchronization. Due weight must also consider the case of uneven ground may subside, to prevent a tilt heavy lifting and dangerous.

8, the first quick connector when using the hand pump and top butt, and then choose the right location, will be put on the oil pump screws tightened to work. Purports rod drop, the manual pump handwheel counterclockwise slightly loosen, cylinder unloading rod that is gradually declining. Otherwise, the rate of decline will be dangerous too.