Types of Car Jack
                                                                                        Types of Car Jack

Car jack can be divided into rack jacks, screw jacks hydraulic jacks and inflatable jack

The first type: rack jacks; it separately from the rack, gears, handles three parts, it relies on the rack shake the handle so that the rise and fall; kind of car this is a common ordinary car jack. It is not the volume, better storage. But because of this, limiting its support the weight is not too large.

The second type: Hydraulic jacks; hydraulic jacks and hydraulic jacks divided into general and special hydraulic jacks. It works more complex, not to say in detail here. And the benefits of its use is the lifting speed, load-bearing capacity than the rack jacks big. But the same, so powerful jack, is certainly not easy to carry, so this is not a common type of car jacks;

The third type: Screw jack; self-locking threaded screw jack to rely on heavy shore structure is not complicated, but the larger the weight of its support. However, the efficiency of such a screw jack slow, slow rise, fall fast.

The fourth type: Inflatable jack; jack we met this might be a bit strange feeling, because this species is not common car jack. It relies on car exhaust its inflated, so use conditions are special and known.